​​​​As a seasoned therapist, it has been my experience that this approach allows the client to form a healing relationship with their therapist, gain an understanding of their past and together identify strategies for change.  Psychodynamic therapy is an empirically based treatment method, proven to successfully treat depression, anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  

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Psychodynamic treatment is a non-directive, free association approach to treatment.  This dynamic modality allows the patient to explore how early life experiences can contribute to present day functioning and gain greater depth into their understanding of themselves and the variables contributing to their current circumstances.   Psychodynamic therapy is beneficial to those looking for brief treatment to address a distressing life transition and those looking for longer term treatment or enlightenment.  Psychodynamic treatment is eclectic in nature and is open to incorporating various methods into the treatment process.  This form of treatment is beneficial for working both with individuals and couples. 

It is my strong belief that it is the relationship between therapist and patient that leads to lasting change. 

Ultimately, it is the relationship that heals.  My theoretical orientation or approach to therapy is founded on this very principle and is referred to as Psychodynamic Therapy. Psychodynamic Therapy tends to focus on the relationship between patient and therapist, as life experiences and challenges will re-emerge within the context of this relationship.   Early life experiences that were damaging are uncovered and later corrected. 

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