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During my tenure as a psychotherapist, one theme has been consistent with many of my clients. That is the world of work. Our career is very much tied to...

I also provide couples counseling for gay men and have assisted many couples enter the world of parenting.  
Interpersonal relationships for gay men are often challenging because many gay men do not expect another man to be responsive and supportive emotionally, they often behave in distancing ways that make their expectations come true.   Couples therapy from a gay affirmative framework provides the often missing legitimization and support of their relationship in addition to practical techniques on how to communicate thoughts, feelings and emotional needs to a partner.   Gay affirmative therapy also provides my patients the opportunity to strike the balance between ones need for autonomy and the conflicting need for emotional closeness.   Helping couples understand these dynamics and assisting couples remove shame and stigma from their relationship has proven to be most beneficial.

I invite you to explore my website further to learn more about me and my approach to treatment and to call for a initial consultation. 
My psychotherapy office is centrally located in Midtown Manhattan.  During my tenure as a psychotherapist and executive coach, I am now afforded the opportunity to provide consultation on a wide and varied array of subject matters for organizational development, clinical supervision to fellow therapists and enjoy my teaching role at the Graduate School of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Please free to contact me at 917-699-9722 or

​​​​​​​​​​Psychotherapy & Career Counseling

​Welcome to my boutique practice, focused on the interpersonal and professional needs of gay men and congratulations on making the decision to begin therapy.

For some, this decision is made during a stressful time as unfulfilling relationships, substance use, depression/anxiety and professional challenges are often the catalysts that bring many men to my practice. 

​While painful, these motivators to therapy can lead to lasting change.
It is my strong belief that it is the relationship or therapeutic alliance between client and

therapist that ultimately heals.  I conduct psychotherapy through a gay affirmative and

culturally competent framework that provides my clients a unique experience in

understanding the self and consequently creating lasting change.   In addition to

traditional psychotherapy, I offer a comprehensive career assessment and Executive

Coaching to clients who are professionally unfulfilled.  My psychodynamic approach to

therapy,partnered with the philosophy that professional fulfillment can assist in

empowering one out of emotional duress allows clients to enhance their self-worth and make significant life changes.  The confidence gained from identifying the best fit for an individual’s innate abilities often translates to confidence and contentment in other areas of life. 

​​As a seasoned, gay therapist I am well prepared to develop a healing relationship to address the complexities facing the modern, New York, gay man.  
Navigating gay culture, body image, shame, work-life balance, self-esteem, family and relationships are all complicated experiences.  Managing these life constructs as a professional in New York City can be exponentially more challenging.   In our work together in psychotherapy/executive coaching, psychological insight and awareness will allow one to understand their emotions at a deeper level, begin to make different choices and create a more fulfilling life.

Couples Therapy

I provide couples counseling for gay men and have assisted many couples enter the world of parenting.


Ultimately, it is the relationship that heals.  My theoretical orientation or approach to therapy is founded on this very principle and is...

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