Are diversity and inclusion real issues?

Some don’t believe that diversity is a complicated issue, but companies who take it seriously and work to infuse it into the organization find themselves doing better financially, with higher levels of productivity.   This requires more than a perfunctory knowledge of diverse groups. It means making a real, active effort at promoting a diverse, well-integrated workplace.

Taking Th​e Next Step

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You may still have questions or concerns about business and management consulting:

You don’t work at my organization. How can you be the expert?

In the last 18 years, I’ve seen both individuals and organizations and partnerships move forward from conflict and get to a balanced, productive place.

My approach is highly collaborative and based off proven psychological research. There are strategic steps we can take to modify team dynamics. Sometimes it’s a process— not everything can change overnight. I emphasize supporting the strengths of your employees and making room for their dialogue, which helps people make sense of the tensions around them.

Business & ​management Consulting

Or maybe you’re not sure what the problem is, but you’ve observed a change in the well-being of your employees or co-workers. Management consulting services can help your team dynamic become more  harmonious and productive.

Workplace Disharmony is Very Common

It’s not unusual for there to be workplace tensions and issues. Everyone processes information differently, and it can be very frustrating to manage a team that isn’t cohesive. Personality differences and communication breakdowns are often the underlying causes of workplace overwhelm.

Personality differences can affect all business relationships, including those between partners and founders. When conflict arises, it can jeopardize the business’s future. Research indicates that as much as 80% percent of business partnerships fail. Personality differences between partners can easily prevent companies from achieving their objectives— and are just as easily resolvable.

Major transitions also happen in organizational settings, just as they do in our personal lives. They can affect emotional health as well as  productivity levels. When we grieve, it can be a struggle to summon motivation, to focus and to successfully collaborate.

The reality is, we spend the majority of our time at work.  Work should be a place where we derive energy and meaning, when work becomes a drain on our energy and there is a fear based management style,  productivity, emotional and psychological well-being suffer.

The good news is that it’s possible to resolve the conflicts blocking your team from reaching its full potential. It is possible for your team to thrive by learning the tools of communication and collaboration.

How Can Business And Management Consulting Help?

As part of my business and management consultancy services, I offer Diversity and Inclusion Training and career testing. I specialize in working with executive and C-suite teams, providing strategies to optimize the workplace dynamic. In my experience, the act of bringing in an objective third party can be profoundly healing, helpful, and normalizing for everyone involved.  Partnered with accurate and thorough assessment of the problem and then strategic planning to solve it.

Inclusivity training is a widely utilized tool for businesses who are struggling with integrating a diverse team. While the topic can be scary or confusing to broach, there is a way to create an open, safe, and ultimately productive dialogue around diversity. Rather than inviting fragmentation, we can introduce valuable connections and clarify differences.

Career testing can provide  data about employee preferences, values, leadership style, negotiation/conflict resolution approaches and are used widely in staffing teams. I find them very helpful for resolving many different kinds of workplace conflicts, throughout the highest level partnerships.

The workplace has the potential to be a source of meaning, value and energy for everyone in the organization.  Transitions and leadership require empathy as well as guidance, structure, clearly defined roles and expectations.

Through business and management consultancy services and diversity and inclusion training, it’s possible to identify the challenges within your organization. You can begin implementing concrete strategies to improve your team’s behavioral dynamics, so that people will feel understood and be able to use their innate abilities to achieve the work purpose.

When a team recognizes and fosters one another’s strengths, it creates an inner motivation that makes productivity feel both positive and natural.

Is your organization struggling with challenges you’re not sure how to tackle? Perhaps your business is experiencing issues with retention. Maybe there is unwanted or unnecessary tension around an important partnership. There may be conflict or emotion around  a transition in leadership. Employees may be overstressed and have trouble communicating.

It’s possible that your company is having difficulty integrating a diverse team, and there may even be liability concerns. Perhaps a leader has been hired based on a specific, technical skill set, but needs a bit of training when it comes to managing a team. Your company may not be familiar with best practices around cultural or gender diversity, and may not have received effective cultural competency training.

You may recognize the potential of your team but can’t seem to rewire the pattern of conflict. Perhaps you want a team with cultural, racial, and gender diversity, but without the right support and knowledge, it can be difficult for employees to reconcile differences in their work styles, communication styles and values.

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