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In 2020, COVID-19 shut down our country and fundamentally changed how we lived. It put a lot of stress on individuals and couples relationally, financially, and emotionally. But it also revealed the importance and benefit of online access to mental health services. Just because the outside world stops turning for a moment doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your relationships or personal health.

Gay affirmative, culturally humble psychodynamic therapy allows you to feel content, accepted, and confident in who you are. Even if you can’t make it out of your home, online therapy still offers you the opportunity to work on your career, your relationships, and your long-term personal well-being.

Is Uncertainty, Stress, Or Sadness In Your Life Holding You Back?

Are you having a difficult time overcoming anxiety, depression, or a difficult life transition? Have you lost your job, been furloughed, or had your salary reduced and want to capitalize on the opportunity to do something more fulfilling? Is your existing career infringing upon your work/life balance and causing tension in your relationships? 

Perhaps you want to develop a deeper emotional bond with your partner and are looking for online support from a couples therapist. Or maybe you are looking to online therapy for help addressing underlying relationship issues or mental health concerns that have recently been triggered or made apparent through current events.

We often face an extraordinary number of challenges throughout our lives. Oftentimes, we are forced to abide by restrictive social norms that manufacture expectations for masculinity, body image, and wealth. And gay men have historically fought an uphill battle when pursuing careers, relationships, or even acceptance from family members and society. Even gay culture and the gay community itself are not always as welcoming and supportive as we’d like, especially in competitive places like NYC. 

Online Therapy Is A Convenient Way To Safeguard Your Future 

In counseling, whether online or in-person, there is no judgment or shame. My only intentions are to help you 1) understand the origins of your suffering and 2) resolve your pain—and that is where true change takes place. One of the benefits of working online is that you never have to leave your house, which at the moment is much safer. It also eliminates the need for finding child care, coordinating work schedules for couples, or fighting traffic in stressful commutes. 

Online Therapy 

Will insurance cover virtual counseling and how much will it cost?

Because of the coronavirus, online therapy sessions in NYC now enjoy the same coverage as in-person sessions. I also offer a unique set of online counseling services that range from short-term to long-term care. For instance, if you are looking for help dealing with past emotional wounds, you may benefit from a longer therapeutic relationship with me. However, if you are seeking support in finding the right career or striking a healthy work/life balance, we may only need to meet for a few sessions, reducing the cost to you. 

How does teletherapy work?

My online sessions work in the same format as in-person visits. We’ll schedule a consistent time each week to meet, using a secure portal. And instead of publicly waiting in my office, you’ll be taken to a virtual waiting room that is completely confidential and HIPAA compliant. My full, 60-minute sessions create less urgency, allowing us to proceed at a pace that is more comfortable for you.

If you are a professional or couple seeking guidance, we can tackle issues as they come up or use therapy as a form of preventative maintenance to head off problems before they start. And if you are an individual who is in crisis or need of deeper healing, I can meet with you two or three times a week—whatever you need to feel better.

Let Me Help You Navigate These Uncertain Times

If you need help managing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or life’s challenges as a gay man, I offer compassionate and empathetic support. Please call 917 699 9722 for your free, 15-minute consultation to see how online therapy can help you restore your health and prepare for the future. 

Whether Gay Or Straight, Everyone Faces Adversity At Some Point

I enjoy working with anyone who seeks positive change or help dealing with anxiety, depression, or relationship issues. However, as a therapist and a gay man myself, I know first-hand the challenges that homosexual men and gay couples face. That means I also know how to avoid the heteronormative blindspots that straight therapists sometimes are unaware of. 

For instance, the research is clear that “coming out” is a very lonely experience because the process starts at such a young age. Many men suffer from a lot of confusion, shame, and even trauma that they carry in silence for years. There is frequently pervasive loneliness in their lives as well because relationships are so much more elusive. And many gay men experience a disconnect from their families and religious communities, which means they don’t have the natural support system others have. 

Moreover, many men both gay and straight, who have been traumatized in the past, may be having problems dealing with a resurgence of fear, uncertainty, and even panic. The COVID-19 virus of 2020 exacerbated much of the uncertainty and trauma that gay men already have to deal with daily. And for those who survived the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, it’s very likely that they are being retraumatized by this new pandemic.

That’s why it is the perfect time to talk with a therapist online to ensure the health of your relationship, your future, and your personal well-being. Even when things return to normal, online sessions can still be a powerful and convenient tool for healing and self-growth. Whatever you are going through, I have the personal and professional experience needed to help you find greater happiness and peace within yourself.

Working online is a great alternative to traditional therapy in situations where you can’t make it out of the house. But teletherapy is also a gentle way to introduce yourself to counseling, comfortably transition into physical office visits, or to supplement your existing sessions when travel or work demands make it impossible.

For online sessions, you’ll only need a few things: a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with integrated audio speakers and a video camera, which is pretty standard these days. You’ll also require a dependable internet connection and space in which you can speak without having to censor yourself.

Online counseling offers a compassionate and life-affirming space in which we can explore any concerns you have about your emotions, thoughts, career, or relationships. No matter what you are going through, you can bring all of yourself to the conversation and lay bare your struggles without fear or hesitation. And because you can work from home, you may feel more comfortable opening up about things you might otherwise find too intimidating to address. 

If you would like to work on relationship issues, we can meet online to improve communication, empathy, or physical and emotional intimacy. We can strengthen your tolerance to stress and fear through meditation practice. And we can use journaling to help identify negative thoughts or beliefs about yourself so we can change them into healthy, self-affirming perspectives. 

If you are looking to improve or change your career, I can also offer you tests and assessments that will help you identify your true passions and the options that best suit you. And given this time of uncertainty, I also want to help you learn how to cope with change productively. That way, when bereavement, career loss, relationship problems, or even a pandemic alters the way you live, you have the tools and awareness needed to process the experience and move forward.

Therapy can help you enrich your life, repair your relationships, and free yourself from any complex emotions that have been holding you back. Whether you are looking for symptom reduction or guidance through a difficult time, I can offer you a compassionate look at yourself, your career, or relationship that will free you to live the life you want. 

Perhaps you’re considering online therapy but still have questions…

Is video therapy effective? 

Any time there is a crisis—such as inclement weather, personal injury or illness, or even a pandemic—online sessions become immensely safer and more convenient. And although some of the nuances of traditional therapy may be lost in translation, you can still learn effective ways of mitigating symptoms, finding direction, or creating practical solutions for challenges that arise. 

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