By now, you may be considering management team coaching so that your team can uncover its underlying issues, learn to communicate more effectively and reach its goals in a timely manner.

Disconnect Is Very Common Within Executive Teams

It is perfectly normal for leadership teams to experience trouble communicating and achieving work goals. Even in the best of environments, unexpected issues can emerge, affecting a team’s ability to collaborate productively.

In addition, various personal circumstances and scenarios can become entangled with the work environment, making it difficult to know what the underlying problems are. This is when leadership team development might become appropriate.

The good news is, it’s possible for you and the rest of your team to feel energized, challenged and excited by work again. It’s possible to achieve your goals and rediscover a sense of meaning. Your team can successfully work together toward shared achievements.

Management Team Coaching Can Help Your Team Succeed

​Workplace coaching, especially on the executive level, is scientifically proven to help create a new sense of clarity in the workplace. It creates a space for expression and helps team members utilize effective communication techniques.

My experience belongs equally to the worlds of psychology and business. I have been running my private practice as a therapist and coach since 2006. I’ve provided leadership counseling to clients in a wide range of organizational settings, from hospitals to non-profits.

In sessions, we may identify problems and explore strategic ways to achieve your team’s vision or purpose. With my unique, two-prong approach, we can discover psychological insight into your work dynamic while thinking through your values around management, conflict and stress as it pertains to your team.

Executive team coaching can involve a vast array of assessments depending on your unique circumstances. The results of these tests can determine and address problems with productivity and communication by revealing differences in work style and leadership preferences. The purpose of these tests is simply to explore how a group of people very different from one another can work together as productively as possible.

Is Your Leadership Team Experiencing Internal Disharmony?

The conflict is already too severe—nothing could possibly repair it.

Often, problems keeping your team from working productively are simple to fix with the right guidance. I believe that getting back on the same page is simply a matter of making the appropriate changes and finding genuine healing through doing so.

Taking The Next Step

Please feel free to contact me at (917) 699-9722 with additional questions. I am happy to conduct a 30-minute consultation, free of charge.

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Please note I am willing to travel to your workplace and conduct lectures and trainings, though my central practice is based in New York City and Southbury, CT.

You may have questions or concerns about executive team coaching

You’re not an expert in our industry, so how can you help us?

I believe that the underlying reasons for team conflict are universal. I have 10 years of experience getting to know a wide range of industries, but my approaches can be useful for healing relationships within any kind of team. In addition, testing has been shown to encourage productivity and help increase profitability, regardless of industry.

I don’t believe that management consulting works or has any use.

Developing a strategic approach to address issues within your team requires a great deal of assessment, exploration and acknowledgment. Problems don’t always have a clear answer, but without giving them the right kind of attention, they may never come to a resolution. In addition, the effectiveness of corporate team coaching is backed by years of research, especially when paired with psychotherapy and the psychology of work.

Management Team Coaching

Are there conflicts arising in your executive, C-suite or management team? Are you looking for ways to improve communication at work?

It may feel as though some roles and work goals are not clearly defined. Perhaps there is a lack of substantial progress toward achieving your team’s purpose. Members of your team may consistently misunderstand one another and find it difficult to get along.

Because of these issues, it’s possible that you and/or other team members don’t feel heard or fulfilled. You may feel as though your abilities are not being properly acknowledged or utilized. Confusion and misunderstandings may be getting in the way of achieving your goals.

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I believe that work should be a source of positive energy and internal satisfaction. When there is tension and miscommunication in the workplace, it can drain you instead of empowering and uplifting you.

Through this process, it becomes possible to create or return to a productive, engaging group dynamic. It is possible to resolve interpersonal conflicts, soothe tension and work together to achieve a specific goal. It is even possible for people with very different work styles and preferences to connect meaningfully with one another and feel fulfilled by their engagement with work.

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