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Offering Psychotherapy and Career Counseling in NYC & Litchfield County, CT - Online & In Person Sessions - (917) 699-9722

  • Accurately assessing the presenting problem
  • Resume/Curriculum Vita development and refinement
  • Drafting a Cover Letter tailored to the specific role
  • Managing Social Media during the job search process
  • How to Conduct Informational Interviews
  • Utilizing test data to identify the best environment for you at this stage of your life based on needs, interests, values and work style preferences
  • Support, accountability and guidance in following through in the often tedious aspects of the job search process
  • Psychological insight into organizational and interpersonal dynamics often misunderstood in the work environment

As your Career Counselor/Executive Coach, I will hold you accountable for following through on aspects of the job search process that are easy to ignore.  I will be working with you to research and explore options that may best suite your needs.   This process is fun and intrinsically interesting and ensures you are working in an environment and role that best meets all of your needs.  The lens at which we view our professional lives must be a fluid one.  The longer we stay in a role that is no longer right for us, the more difficult it becomes to leave and our confidence is slowly drained from us.   This process will ensure we have accurately identified all of your needs and found the best fit for you.

If you are struggling with your career, executive coaching can help. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you reach your goals and form a happier life.  

CAREER COUNSELING / Executive Coaching

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to assess your Personality Type

  • The Strong Interest And Skills Confidence Profile

  • The FIRO-B to assess your leadership style

  • The Work Engagement Profile to assess your intrinsic wants and needs

  • A Values Assessment

Career Counseling/Executive Coaching is a process of utilizing the test data, assessing the present problem and together working to identify next steps. Career Counseling/Executive Coaching provides the often missing support that we need to make a transition, coupled with psychological insight into group dynamics, nepotism and variables related to culture and sexual orientation.   Securing a new role, includes knowing what you need professionally and a strategic approach to securing the best fit for you. The Coaching Process Includes:

During my tenure as a psychotherapist, one theme has been consistent with many of my clients.   That is, the world of work.   Our career is very much tied to our happiness and fulfillment in life and must be consistent with who we are, our values, our interests and our skills.   Often, we fall into our careers based on pressure from family or other external variables.  For others, one may have chosen the best career path for them at the time but it is simply no longer right.   And still for others, one may be in the career best suited for them but struggle with: cohorts, supervisors or with knowing how to take their career to the next level.

These challenges can best be addressed with a thorough a career evaluation and Executive Coach/Career Counselor.  The testing process includes:​​