We’ve had consultants in the past who weren’t particularly valuable.

Resilience, inner strength and clear-headed decision making are learned habits that can follow you for the rest of your career. Rather than focusing only on short-term problems, my approach is to help you create a foundation for long-term organizational harmony.

Taking The Next Step

Please feel free to contact me at (917) 699-9722 with additional questions. I am happy to conduct a 30-minute consultation, free of charge. You can also book an appointment by clicking here.

I am willing to travel to your workplace and conduct lectures and trainings, though please note my central practice is based in New York City and Miami.

I will also conduct thorough tests around personality, leadership styles, conflict negotiation, work values, intrinsic motivators, and more. These tests can provide useful, collaborative ways forward for everyone involved.

It is possible to derive a sense of empowerment, meaning and productivity from your work that extends into the rest of your life. It may seem counterintuitive, but coming from a place of empathy can help you make the best possible decisions for the company.

Business Partner Coaching Can Help You Find Ways Forward

Our work and personal lives are deeply interconnected. There are many executive coaches who are experts in their field, but I am uniquely qualified to help you explore both the psychological and strategic elements of pursuing a successful business.  With this two-prong approach, you can gain clarity about the internal dynamics of both your partnership and your company.

Business partner coaching provides a controlled, safe and candid environment in which to discuss sensitive issues with an objective mediator. I can help you gain psychological insight into the workplace, partnered with strategies to improve profitability.

Profound amounts of misinterpretation occur in our relationships. By exploring effective communication strategies, you can transmute old patterns and develop new strengths.

Business Partner / Founder Coaching

You may have questions or concerns about business partner counseling …

I’m skeptical about the usefulness of coaching.

There is scientific evidence that points to the positive results of executive coaching, especially when related to psychotherapy and the psychology of work. While I focus on proven strategies for enhancing productivity and creating income, my approach also emphasizes scientifically backed, psychology-based methods for improving communication in your most important relationships.

If you’re not an expert in our industry, how can you help us?

I have 10 years of experience getting to know a wide range of industries, but my approaches can be useful for healing relationships within any kind of company. In addition, testing has been shown to encourage productivity and help increase profitability, regardless of industry.

Underlying feelings of anger and confusion may be negatively affecting your communication, wearing away at your ability to collaborate openly. You may be torn between sticking firmly to your values and taking a risk on a new perspective you don’t wholly agree with. In the midst of all this, you may be feeling dismissed by, or even resentful toward, your business partner.

Perhaps this tension and disconnect is making one or both of you feel anxious about the future success of the company. Problems around income and productivity may be arising as a result, and you may feel deeply concerned that you won’t see your vision come true. By now, you likely are looking for ways to improve profitability and feel connected, validated and confident in your partnership again.

Conflict Between Business Partners Is Very Common

It is common for partners who share the responsibilities, stresses and pressures of running a company to come into conflict. In fact, research indicates that approximately 80% of business partnerships end as a result of these issues—many of which are likely resolvable.

Much like in a marriage, problems that arise are often due to personality clashes and issues with communication. In the beginning, your investment in one another can be exciting and empowering. As more risks are taken—perhaps you are taking loans out, borrowing money, or otherwise putting yourself on the line—and the situation becomes more complex, you may begin to experience an intense, unexpected spectrum of emotion.

It is normal to experience insecurity, Imposter Syndrome and other symptoms of anxiety or depression as changes affect your company. Issues within a business partnership can deteriorate our well-being and cause compulsive thoughts, an inability to sleep and painful insecurities about ourselves.

Psychological history, controlling tendencies, personality type and cultural variables such as gender and sexuality can become problematic in any partnership. And, if there is disharmony between you, that negativity may naturally permeate your personal life, too.

It’s possible to feel like a valuable contributor in your partnership again. You can learn effective communication strategies to safeguard your business relationship and secure your business’s future. Through business relationship counseling, you can begin to understand your own needs, thoughts and feelings while you process your experience of the partnership and the business.

Are differing views affecting the internal harmony of your business partnership? Are these issues so prevalent that one or both of you has decided to look into business partner counseling? Alternatively, are you looking for ways to prevent possible problems and reinforce the strength of your partnership, ensuring it will remain strong for a long time?

It’s possible you and your partner(s) are motivated by conflicting value systems. Perhaps you even feel betrayed by certain actions your partner has taken or the decisions they have made. Maybe one or both of you is blaming the other for the company’s struggles, unable to agree with one another’s ways of solving important problems and pursuing significant opportunities.

As you navigate this vulnerable relationship, your strengths and weaknesses may emerge, ready to be judged and assessed. It’s possible that one or both of you no longer feels heard or understood.

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Do You Feel Disconnected From Your Business Partner?

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